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tv, nicole eustace examines the effects the war of 1812 had on american politics and patriotism. the author reports at the end of the three year war resulted in the quote era of good feelings marked by defuse partisanship and greater nationalism. it's a little over an hour. [applause] >> thank you very much for that introduction and thank you to the david library for hosting me. to real it's a real pleasure to be here and to see all of you this afternoon. thank you. the title of my talk this afternoon is love and honor in 1812, patriotism and popular culture in the new united states. on june 19 of 1812, james madison made a public announcement of the first war ever to be declared in the history of the united states. he said quote, i extort all the good people of the united states as they love their country, as the feel wrong that they exert themselves. madisons call made clear that the expectations of showing love of country required giving support. at a moment of national crisis, patriotism was needed. he sought to justify the complex for the population at large and motivate the country to
including, first, "a patriot's history of the united states," which he co-authored. other topics on which he has written include national defense, history and histography and the u.s. economy. a television series based upon "patriot's history of the united states" is currently in development as well. we are pleased to welcome dr. schweikart to hear about his newest book, "a patriot's v. of the modern world -- version of the modern world." please join me in welcoming larry schweikart. larry? [applause] >> well, thanks so much to heritage foundation for inviting me here. it's really an honor, and it's one that i wish my father was alive to see. heritage is one of those great bastions of liberty in a swelling sea of collectivism. you probably didn't know that you were getting somebody here that was a previous rock drummer. this later became significant in learning, as a learning experience when i began working on this film. but all along my experiences in the rock band were actually pretty informative. i tell my students i know all about communism because i was in a rock band. we shared everyth
continues his visit to the region in cambodia. >> turkey is expected to ask nato to deploy patriot deciles to protect them from attacks from syria. the nato country has been able to provide such results are the u.s., the netherlands, and germany. >> there fearing german forces could be drawn into the serious conflict. what's the fighting has been inching closer for months and now the syrian regime is fighting rebels meters away from the border with turkey. there pushing for the creation of a buffer zone and some of the partners are getting ready to help. >> for 45 years, germany was the main beneficiary of nato solidarity. if a member makes a request, we are ready and willing to help. >> that help could take the form of misfiles capable of shooting down warplanes or rockets. the u.s., the netherlands, and germany are the only was with the latest patriot systems. german soldiers could be deployed to the syrian border. they say it is a delicate balancing act. >> to have to carefully consider a responsibility to our nato allies while ensuring in germany does not get drawn into a serious civil
mike allen and i would've "a patriot's history of the modern world," we identified three major elements that made up americanism. nevertheless, we never really provided a definition of american exceptionalism and during the revisions over time, we corrected that for the next edition we hope will be out next year. even in 2004, it seemed a natural progression to move towards a history of the world, especially the modern world. it's the modern world we see the truthfulness of american liberty and prosperity on display and under attack. through an amazon book review of "a patriot's history of the modern world" and it did doherty, an arkansas businessman historian computer expert for an evening shade. yes, there's the evening shade arkansas. they first begin a top to bottom review of any errors in the united states and over time i discovered he's a wonderful co-author, so i asked in to help the with "a patriot's history of the modern world." he proved especially good in areas where this week and is a former intelligence officer in the army, he brought a new perspective to the cold war, espe
, and a ton of offense. tom brady and the patriots at the new york jets. brady had 323 yards passing. and how bad are the jets? sanchez wants the handoff, nobody there. sanchez runs into his own play, fumble, and steve gregory goes the other way for the patriots. 10 seconds second, joe mcknight gets popped, out comes the ball, and edelman says thank you very much, takes it in for the score. patriots win 49-19. >>> the redskins at the cowboys, that's deangelo hall of the redskins with an upper cut to dez bryant who really wants to throw, but he thinks better of it. robert griffin iii, his 4th touchdown pass of the game to niles paul, that would pretty much ice it! 311 yards with those 4 touchdowns. redskins win 38-31. >>> and texans versus the lions. running back justin forsett, looks like he's tackled, but the whistle never blew. he goes 81 yards for the touchdown. detroit coach throws the red flag even though he's not allowed to do that. the flag negated the booth review. an odd rule, to say the at least. shane graham kicks the game-winning 32 yarder. 34-31 texans in overtime. >>> mike montg
to the meadowlands. jets win today in st. louis. at least they won't be completely crazy thursday night. the patriots keep rolling. >> cris: okay, the patriots are the patriots. tom brady was absolutely brilliant today but we knew that. mark sanchez saved himself a lot of trouble this week by coming out and playing the way he did. he knneeded that kind of performance. they are a team. this whole thing is crazy. the pittsburgh steelers come back to the pack a little bit. the bengals think they have got a shot. all of a sudden, the jets know their season is on the line thanksgiving night. >> the patriots are rolling. they are 7-3 and on top three games in the division but minus gronkowski now. >> cris: it's going to make a difference. he has been the go to guy for tom brady a long time. i'm probably most excited about turducken. john madden is going to bring the turducken and we will have the madden player of the game. i've never been a part of a turducken game and i'm excited. >> al: i've eaten it and it's delicious and 18 million fat grams. that is thursday night. see you on thursday from the meadowl
signals it will support a request for patriot missiles and their crews. >> they will need a win tonight. >> israel and hamas have agreed to a truce after just over a week of violence. it was due to come into effect just moments ago. >> that's right. the deal was announced in cairo by the egyptian foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state. the truce calls for an immediate halt to the fighting and reportedly aims to work towards a longer-term solution as well. >> the latest escalation in violence began just over a week ago. since then, some 140 palestinians and five israelis have been killed in air strikes and rocket attacks. >> we will be trying to go live to cairo and also to gauze in a moment, but first, let's get back to evens earlier in it -- earlier in the day that threatens to derail the talks -- we will be trying to go live to cairo and also to gaza in a moment. >> panic on the streets of televisa. ambulances rushed to the scene of the explosion. -- panic on the streets of tel aviv. the bus was burned out but not torn apart, suggesting it may have been a relatively small bo
. you mentioned the patriot system, there is the next stage of the patriot which is known as the arrow defense system but those deal with much higher tech and bigger missiles. >> jennifer: so is -- because it has been so successful will israel use a combination of the two? is the patriot missile, if it only has a 10% successful interception rate, are these more advanced patriot missiles up to the level of the iron dome? >> even though the patriot missile defense system made a lot of headlines as you mentioned the shootdown rate was much lower. but another system has been developed, called the arrow defense system, which even though it has not been tested in a similar way as the gulf war, is expected to be much more effective. >> jennifer: do you think other nations or even nato could replicate the iron dome technology and what impact would that have in the region if both sides had interception and maybe missiles not landing in populated areas on either side? >> right. obviously it is all together a good thing to prevent rockets from landing on civilians and town
" update. and we begin with thanksgiving day football. patriots, taking on the jets at metlife stadium. second quarter is where we pick it up. patriots up 7-0. tom brady, finding shane vereen out of the backfield. yards after the catch. 83-yard touchdown. new england up 14-0. not even close to being done yet. ensuing drive for the jets. mark sanchez, well, he had a rough night. broken play here. tries to scramble. runs into his own guy. the ball comes loose. steve gregory picks it up. touchdown, patriots. the jets had a season-high five turnovers in this game. another look at it. vince wilfork, driving brandon moore into sanchez. gregory scoops it up. patriots up 21-0. tebow time? not yet. mcknight, devon mccord di. right into the hands of julian edelman. the patriots score 49 points and get the win. new england sweeps the jets for the sixth time in the last ten seasons. >>> tony romo and the cowboys hosting the redskins. tony romo had been unbeaten on turkey day. not anymore. the cowboys down ten. bryant. huh-uh. under 20 seconds to play. onside kick. deangelo hall says, i don't think
of the game the patriots scored three touchdowns, the patriots won 49-19. some fans are calling for head coach rex ryan to be fired. washington redskins quarterback robert griffin iii scored four touchdown passes for the second straight week. he is on a roll. redskins almost blew a huge lead but held on to beat the cowboys 38-31 and the most controversial play of the day care and in another game, houston, texas, running back scores on an 81 yard touchdown. he was clearly down but he coach jim swartz through the challenge flag. all players are automatically reviewed and he was given a penalty and play became not renewable. stupid rule and potentially cost them the gain. houston won 34-31 in overtime. almost half of u.s. kids age 6 greece are asking their parents for and ipad for the holidays according to a survey of kids ages 6-12. does the 6-year-old kid need an idea and? are we spoiling our children? joining us is radio host miriam wallach. even if you had the money you probably wouldn't give each one of the men arrived at. >> no. the highlight of the game was the best. they didn't cover that
with politics these days, playing to packed audiences in the hitli one-woman show red hot patriot. turner plays the brash, outspoken journalist molly ivins. >> i don't see politics that top to left. it's from top to bottom. the only political questions who is getting screwed and who is doing the screwing. >> i took on the role of molly ivins because i love the woman. i got to meet her several times over the course of the years. we have many common causes, our activism meet. she was an advocate for women and women's health. so our paths crossed in that way. i had a chance to get a sense of the woman's huge love and enjoyment of life and that's very attractive. >> molly ivins was a liberal texan, syndicated columnist and best selling author who died of breast cancer in 2007. through turner's performance ivins' humorous political commentary lives on. turner's show ran in philadelphia last year. she brought it to dc before the election to inject ivins' attitude into the polestar of politics. >> to bring it to d.c. before this election would be probably the most useful thing i could do, you know, as
at the time. we have ultimate confidence in either. >>> thanksgiving football. patriots and jets. this was ugly for the jets. patriots up 14-0. mark sanchez collides into his teammate. and it gets worse. ensuing kickoff. joe mcknight returns it for 25 yards. but he fumbled the ball. the jets had five turnovers and gave up five touchdowns in the second quarter. patriots win big, 49-19. >>> a thanksgiving tradition from detroit. the texans visiting the lions. fourth quarter, bell with a 23-yard run. that puts the lions up seven late. under two minutes to play, arian foster plunges this one in. and graham has a 32-yard attempt. it's good. the only time houston led all game. but it counted. >>> redskins/cowboys. a huge, dynamic, spectacular game from rg-3. pick your word. they all apply. late second quarter, connecting on a 59-yard t.d. pass. four passing t.d.s for the second-straight game. the redskins win by seven. >>> an annual turkey bowl. this is for the aaa san francisco section championship. mission has the lead late in the game. but a touchdown and a two-point conversion with
is airing this week will continue throughout this year .. "a patriot's history of the modern world," which in this case is 1898 tedious after the second world war. please join me in welcoming larry schweikart. [applause] >> well, thank you so much to the heritage foundation for inviting me here. it's an honor when i wish my father was alive to see. heritage is one of those great fashions of liberty and explains the collectivism. you probably didn't know you were getting somebody here that was the rock drummer. this became significant learning as a learning experience when i began working on this film. but all along my experience in the rock band were informative. i come astuteness i was in iraq and and we shared everything, had not been starved. when mike allen and i wrote a history of united states in 2004, we identified three major elements that made up american. nevertheless we never provided a definition of american exceptionalism and during a revision overtime to correct it up for the next addition we hope to be up next year. even in 2004, it seemed a natural progression to new jersey
. coming up -- a lifesaver for some men. >> and and area school gets up patriotic -- and an area school gets a patriotic take on show and tell. >> and metro interruptions all the way through sunday night. >> let's look at the short. what a nice day to be i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office. [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios there comes a moment when they get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes. when i saw that picture, i really got it. i can enjoy the game better at home than going to the stadium. i got it when our apartment became the apartment. [ female announcer ] switch to fios for our best price online -- just $84.99 a month for a year with no annual contract or get this great price and $300 back with a two-year agreement. go to today. call the verizon center once you've got it, you get it. for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> a lot of writing on the orange line this weekend. trains running from east falls church to clarendon a
higher taxes. his name is eric schoenberg, he's calling himself part of the patriots for fiscal strength. and fox news reporting a 48 hour truce, brokered by egypt this morning and israeli battering the bank, a building, hamas says it's a private enterprise. secretary of state hillary clinton headed to the region. she will try to diffuse the conflict. she'll meet with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu followed by senior officials by the palestinian officials in the west bank and then on to cairo to meet with the muslim brotherhood. none of these developments had noticeable impact on the markets. look at the price of oil, it's down today and holding at $88 a barrel. as for the price of gold, moved up in the last couple of days, but we're down three bucks today. no impact from gaza on oil or gold. president obama wants reelection and right away, fights for higher taxes on the rich. our next guest says he's still an amateur. but first, france's downgrade, that reminded us of this famous movie scene. >> hey, hey! oh! >> count the money, count the money! [ male announcer ] this is st
stunts. we have union leaders on tuesday, ceos on wednesday. today we have patriotic millionairess. for crying out loud, what is a patriotic millionaire? by the way, there are plenty of people who don't pay taxes are probably very patriotic. why all of a sudden we define these millionaires as patriotic? incidently, any one of them who would like to write a check to the u.s. government is free to do so. go ahead. neil: define patriotism by how much you give the government. >> at think it's nonsense. what does that have to do with anything? neil: over reading posts the election what they're either mandate or victory means? >> i think there overeating what their mandate is. neil: how you define their mandate to act a lot of people think that, well, they do agree with at least one part that the rich should pay more. usually is the people who are not. but beyond that, push for more spending for stimulus, and leaving entitlements alone, leaving spending itself alone. >> essentially what they won was a squeaker. based on some, whenever it is, five counties across the united states. in my
on the president that question his patriotism and even his american-ness just don't work as well. one of the things against obama on the other side, sometimes, they feel he's not a true blue enough american, know what i mean? >> yeah, they keep saying that. >> reporter: you don't buy that? >> what's a true blue american? >> reporter: obama went to columbus, ohio, this afternoon, jay-z joining bruce springsteen on the bill. but we drove across the farmland to iowa to catch up with the campaign in des moines. here we go, crossing the mighty mississippi river from wisconsin, battleground state. into iowa, battleground state, where it all began politically for barack obama, which he needs to come through for him again this year. they were lining up to register and vote in dubuque, both sides looking for every single supporter. scott faulkner didn't vote last time. but is coming out for romney. >> felt like this time needed to make my vote count. things look like they'll be close, so time to make it happen. >> reporter: you could decide the election. >> that's right. >> reporter: the last rally of barac
oregon in eugene. does that carry over into new england today against tom brady and the patriots? unfortunately did not. andrew two pick sixes in the second quarter. colts driving and andrew air mails toyota lieb. he goes 59 yards the other way and that gave the patriots the lead for good. but andrew never quit. hiltonor at -- hilton for the strike but too little, too late. >> final race of the 2012 nascar season. a battle between jimmie johnson and brad keselowski. all ced lou ski had to do is finish 15th or better and the cup is hid. jimmie johnson at one point led the race and then got in trouble during a pat symptom. officials said he had to return to the pits. shortly after that johnson had a parts failure and that was it, returning to the garage. that meant all keselowski had to do is finish and the championship was him, jimmie johnson's teammate jeff gordon won the race. keselowski finishes 15th. clinches the sprint cup championship. the first for the 28-year-old and the first for pen ski racing. >> from florida, lpga tournament of the year. choi, couldn't see the green bu
brady and the patriots. i'm sure andrew was inspired by stanford upsetting oregon in eugene. would that carry over today? unfortunatelied did not. threw two pick sixes. second quarter. game tied. colts driving. and andrew air-mails one to kalib. he weaves and bobs through traffic. gives the patriots the lead for good. andrew, two but three picks. but he never quit. finds hilton, 43-yard strike, too little too late. 59-24 the final. >> warriors and oklahoma city. struggling to contain kevin durant. off the steal, easy dunk. he had a triple-double. and russell westbrook. two of his 0. oh, my. and oklahoma city wins that one, 119-10 9. >> final race of the 2012 nascar season was battle between jimmie johnson and brad kess keselowskl keselowski had to do is finish 15th or better and the cup is his to miami we go jimmie johnson at one point led the race but got into trouble during a pit stop. a nascar official made him return to the pit for an infraction and he lost time. shortly after that johnson had a part failure and that was it. his race was over and the chance for the cup r
mails it to him. he bobs his way through traffic giving the patriots the lead. two touchdowns but he had three picks but he doesn't give up. here is a strike patriots win big. >>> latest rankings came out and stanford jumped to number 8 over oregon. still ahead of the cardinals at number five. top six, notre dame takes over top spot ever in the bcs. alabama and georgia are going face off. kansas state dropped to number six after their loss to baylor. >> warriors trying to contain kevin durant. russell west, he has 30 points. 119-109 victory. final race to the 2012 nascar season was a two man battle between jimmy johnson and kelewoski and to miami we go. jimmie johnson got in triple during a pit stop. they made him return to the pits and lost time. shortly after that he had a part failure. that was it. the race was over returning to the garage. that meant all he had to do was finish. jeff gordon won the race. >> no person is, only a team can do that. these guys up here, they make me big and make me fast and strong to do anything we want to do. it's these guys. i can't be here without them
there close to formally asking nato for patriot misfiles to strengthen the anti- aircraft offensive alder border with syria. >> the foreign minister has talked with nato on the issue and they are in the final stages. there are likely to come from germany, one of the only three nato countries the patriot missiles in their arsenal. they have signaled that they would agree to the request. >> the french government has given assurances that the nation's economy is sound after u.s. credit rating agency moody's stripped them of their prize the a.a.a. status. this follows the cut by standard and poor's and it was expected. >> hollande is trying to revive the eurozone the second-largest economy. moody's had nothing good to say about france's economic prospects. they say the country has become less competitive and its labor market has turned staid. they say this makes them more bolt -- vulnerable to turbulence elsewhere in the eurozone. the french finance minister moscovici rejected the you downgrade. >> this does not put into question the fundamentals of our economy or reforms undertaken hat by th
touch lines. patriots broke it open with a 35 point second quarter. how bad for new york. sanchez runs into offensive line man. fumbles and steven gregory returns the ball 32 yards for another score. the patriots what a laugher 45-19. in high school football the 70th annual big bone game was marred today with san jose line man suffered a neck injury and had to be taken off the field by ambulance. he's now listed in fair condition. >> another big crowd filled the stand for the south bay thanksgiving tradition. san jose came in undefeated but this game belonged to lincoln. or tests finds the room and they cruise 55-13. 15th straight win in the series. >> 89th turkey day game as mission took on lincoln for the san francisco city championshi championship. before the half lincoln hook up for 68 yard score and with under 30 seconds left mission led by 7 but mustang score and entire gets in for the two point conversio conversion. lincoln a 1 point lead. the bears with one last chance mustang come up with a stop and victory. lincoln wins 22-21 and improves 11 and 1 just 2 years a
takes it down the side line for 83 yard touch lines. patriots broke it open with a 35 point second quarter. how bad for new york. sanchez runs into offensive line man. fumbles and steven gregory returns the ball 32 yards for another score. the patriots what a laugher 45-19. in high school football the 70th annual big bone game was marred today with san jose line man suffered a neck injury and had to be taken off the field by ambulance. he's now listed in fair condition. >> another big crowd filled the stand for the south bay thanksgiving tradition. san jose came in undefeated but this game belonged to lincoln. or tests finds the room and they cruise 55-13. 15th straight win in the series. >> 89th turkey day game as mission took on lincoln for the san francisco city championshi championship. before the half lincoln hook up for 68 yard score and with under 30 seconds left mission led by 7 but mustang score and entire gets in for the two point conversio conversion. lincoln a 1 point lead. the bears with one last chance mustang come up with a stop and victory. lincoln wins 2
... on the nntional anthem ....s purely... because of time constraints.../ not because of any political or anti-patriotic :23 "the national annhem because of the time constraints...okay? it's not that we're not patriotic, that's the furthest from the 3& maay residents disagree... saying that cutting the pational anthem is not the best wayyto save tiie. 1:166"i go back to thee1960s with igh school hockey, and we've always played the pational anthem. so, i thiik that it's something that shoulldbe done. it's part of oor history and our country and absoluuely should be parr of the game." the commissionnr says that because of the backlashh they've been getting... another meetinn will be held... to see if there's a way ttomakk aajustments. 3 3& not voting could costton wiih her car after eleccion 3 dayy 3 & [ dollar ] that's me. l50858544p. but i'm not just a number. i have a purpose. a higher purpose. [ muffled ] have some respect! not good. oh, man. hello? mm, no! finally -- the buck stops here. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new hot'n spicy mcchicken. tender, juicy chicken with a crispy, spicy coating.
anywhere else. the in visionary and practical of compassion. very patriotic the american. other nationalities to my other interests. he wants to create a school that represented the american model of education, lived american values and that gave people in the middle east and awareness that an american education was something that would benefit their lives, every day in tangible ways. >> why is it important to tell the story near you? >> aware of this longer, deeper, humanitarian. a usually centers on security. many easterners feel likewise. they don't think about whether the longer roots of american involvement had nothing to do with oil, is row, the plumb the combat troops to protect their interests. >> his most recent book, american and sheikhs, to families, for generations, andíz the story of american influence in the least. this is book tv and c-span2. >> we would like to hear from you. tweet us your feedback. >> what i discovered is that jefferson and appears to be a man of contradictions come by when you do something rather simple, which is to put him
at near perfection. there is no question that over the past 10, 11, 12 years that the new england patriots franchise has been good. >> al: the punt is fielded at the 44 by kyle wilson. >> cris: we've got to make sure peter king doesn't think he's one of the stars of the game over there. i can see peter wandering off the set and checking out one of those turduckens over there. >> al: probably get into it before one of the stars out there. >> cris: i wouldn't go stand in front of vince. >> al: so sanchez will finish out the game. and again, if you joined us late wondering about tebow, we talked about sore ribs, wearing a flak jacket tonight, so we haven't seen him for even one play. and this is joe mcknight carrying the ball out to the 50 yard line. so this is going to take us right down to the end of the game. and the new england patriots, who were 3-3 at the beginning of the season. those three losses were by a composite four points. sanchez and belichick and welker and brady and belichicand ryan will meet at midfield. the game is over. what's left of the one-time capacity crowd expressing
the jets and patriots? >> aim going to go with the patriots and not because of tom brady, and just so happens that i love watching him play the game as well so even if he wins or loses it's fun to watch him. >> he's going to win big, i think he's going to win big, too, if he doesn't he's still a winner. >> and let me ask dana, is it time to bring tim tebow in the jets lineup. >> oh. >> and the quarterback-- >> did you check my blog, i have so much content on this and really i don't have enough time to talk about it. when i first looked at this, i thought, i think about horn frogs versus the texas longhorns, no contest, the longhorns can step on the frogs and then the jets can beat the patriots because they're mechanical and they're up mechanical and i bet you i am right. >> sign her up. >> dana mates america. she says the jets will beat the patriot. what kind are you? >> i have no idea, i haven't been following football at all. >> what do you follow. >> amazon rankings. >> yes, i follow my amazon rankings. >> i actually woke up at 4 a.m. and check them. >> can i say to you, you have a
a frightful land of mystery into a patriotic symbol of the beauty and promise of america. ( music )
hit the northeast. diversome patriotic jumping out of a plane. >> a clear and cold night ahead. what to expect from your when we come back. big ben thinks it is time to and is their charm for the nationals? is it three? major leage baseball -- m major league bas oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll a always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. are back with a special skydive over d.c. suburbs this morning. >> the sky divers were combat veterans. a double amputee who he headed toag as earth. is not a disability, it is the ability. l veterans inera the sky. he double amputee to philippe. of mind blowing experience. was profound. people say you fall in love and y and gethe lotter excited, you have all these p out of ans but jum and it made me speechless. on hisar he was of afghanistan when fingers
and like him and think he's been a great patriot and public servant. but in answer to your question, i simply don't know. what we do know is it occurs, has occurred not just in our time and our country but all through difficult times. part of it is i think people who reach the pinnacle begin to think they can do things that other people can't do. they think i'm so high, nobody will ever find out about this. best i can do, unless you want to accept what my great grandmother used to say, there's simply no damn good. chris: we'll stop short with that but maybe you want to talk. >> i agree with dan but people in high positions, they're surrounded by yes men and are rarely contradicted and begin to think normal roles of behavior don't apply to them and they're above the law. opportunities arise because you're in that kind of position because people are attracted to people in positions of power. you don't go into the senior echelons of either politics or the military if you want a very quiet life. there's an addiction to adrenaline i think in those kinds of jobs, and having an affair, an ill
, you heard about them, saying bring it on. coming up, ron gary, member of the so-called patriotic millionaires. they took the pike for higher taxes directly to the white house. wait until you hear this, something republicans might sign on to. liz: can't wait. black friday around the corner. coming up, our good friend here of telling us three etfs to shop for now before consumers fill up the carts. what drove the markets today? it was a mixed day on wall street as ben bernanke urged congress to deal and reach a debt deal. the s&p and -- listen, the whole market just plunged after the speech, but, still, after awhile, the markets managed to eke out gains. dow down a point, snaps a two session winning streak. consumer discretionary and health care today's top performers and technology and energy lagged. we have lots of action in the metals today. gold giving back a little more than a half of yesterday's gains closing down $11 an ounce. other metals lower, the biggest loser today, goes into catalytic converters to convert, down 1.1%. silver down eight-tenths of a percent
patriots joompt also, the jets mark sanchez looks to put an end to the losing streak. >>> later, chris christie makes a cam me on on"saturday night live" to give an update on his lucky fleece. you have a lucky fleece. >> one. >> it walks now. it walks away from you. you ought to think about washing it. >> if i wash it, what am i going to have -- >> i know. >> i won't have any breakfast. >> exactly. that clip on chris christie and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >> wow. >> mi kel gorbachev, the bold and younger leader of the soviet communist parties shaking hands with ronald regan, president of the united states. new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] one pill each
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.s. officials say they can soon deploy patriot missiles to turkey's side of the bodier with syria. it is all good everywhere. we will be right become. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. to support cell health. when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. >>shepard: the united states and soon deploy patriot missiles to turkey's border with syria. they could send the missiles to protect turkey from possible attacks. but the officials claim the u.s. is not ready to send any military equipment inside syria. the british prime minister is calling for the united states to join him in opening direct talks with syrian rebel fighters. jonathan hunt i
to be skeptical of those who claim that their variety of patriotism is the only route to redemption for america. i say open the doors, bring us your teaming masses, and allow the great ideals of the world to nourish american identity. >> joan, how insulting is it to voters that decided to vote for president obama on election day? >> it's deeply insulting. he's saying that we want stuff. that we're dependent. that we're lazy. the fact is, you know, bakz in the '60s and '70s and said love it or leave it. i want to say to them, america love it or be left behind. you don't love america if you can't embrace this change. you're going to be a very sad, grumpy old man, and you're going to turn out like bill o'reilly, and that's not pretty. >> great to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. >> thank you. >>> now that the election is over, donald trump has found yet a new target. i'll show you who it is next. stay with us. >>> welcome back, we love hearings from viewers on twitter and on facebook. many urge the president of the united states to stand strong on the fiscal cliff negotiations. ken says the
many folks make up the patriotic millionaires. 2-year-old group that's asking for higher tax rates on the rich. on themselves. these are certifiably rich people including game publisher carlston and the founder of the men's wearhouse george zipper. about a dozen of them visited washington, d.c. yesterday to advocate reasonable policies such as a clinton era top tax rate of 39.6%. considering the escalation we've seen on the incomes of the top 1%, they want a new tax bracket for anyone making more than $10 million a year. yes, these patriotic millionaires would like their own tax rates to go up. you have to be nuts to actually want to pay more in taxes? no. not nuts. in fact, you don't even have to do it as a matter of fairness. one patriotic millionaire told "mother jones" magazine he's acting in pure self-interest pointing out that the middle class are his customers and he needs them to be financially healthy. here's what it's come to. even some of those who would end up paying the most under proposed tax
this afternoon. julie? >> reporter: well, it is emptied out now, but a short while ago the patriots center was filled up to the very top row. supporters here eager to show enthusiasm they hope will grab virginia for both mitt romney and the gop. mitt romney supporters were ready to roar from the start in the final rally. and their cheers grew louder when ann romney asked this question. >> are we going to be neighbors soon? >> reporter: and mitt romney's reaction? >> if anyone wants to know where the energy is, if anyone out there that's following american politi wants to know where the energy is, just come right here in this room and you'll see it. >> reporter: supporters also had their own chant ready, one more day. after a grinding 17 months of campaigning, first to win the gop nomination, now to win the presidency, it comes down to virginia. most political observers agree it's a must-win for mitt romney if he hopes to claim victory. they show the race deadlocked in the commonwealth. romney talked for almost 40 minutes before making his final pitch for help in getting out the vote. >>nd
: it hasn't changed the way people advertise deals. i was watching that pathetic jets/patriots game last night which was comical to tell you the truth and it hurts me because i'm a jets fan but wal-mart in the first hour starting at 8:30 p.m. the first hour of the show when they were advertising like crazy special deals they had between 10:00 and 11:00 they were expecting people and frankly enough jets fans got disgusted so they went out to shop at walmart but they were expecting people to get up from the game and go to wal-mart and shoppers special deals. using those ads were effective? >> i was in stores last night. i was at the wal-mart store, i saw people lining up for the $399 ipads. i saw folks lining up for the $179 essentials pcs. one thing that happened this year which is pretty spectacular is the time based promotion. i believe they're working well and are great deals but you can expect great deals for the rest of the season. dave: a new rasmussen poll shows only 15% of shoppers are out on this black friday. is that under what is normal or about the same? >> about 1 hundred 1 m
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